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"There are numerous benefits from the program, however two stand out for me. First it will really facilitate a bond for the team. The nature of the training forces teammates to emotionally reach out to one another. In my opinion the structure of the class has as much to do with that as the course content. We had approximately 25 per course in a relatively small training room and at a time of day that when the class was finished they went home. Secondly it will boost the confidence/self esteem level of most employees. It was awesome to see these employees grow personally over a short period of time."

Rocky S. Jenkins
"This course has given me the tools and solidified the benefits of delegating responsibility to empower people, inspire innovation through empowerment that benefit work areas and/or the company and handling mistakes in a positive and constructive way that cultivates growth and continued improvement. I’ve learned that by empowering people I am fortunate enough to see the power within them and value all that they can bring to the table. For that, I am encouraged about the future of this company and appreciate the people that make it successful. 
The benefits of this course have led to innovating ideas. My leadership staff meets once a week to develop and cultivate ideas that will save the company money, avoid costs, or improve processes within our work areas. One innovation will save the company $120,000 by reducing labor costs."
James Mays
Production Manager
Point Blank Body Armor, Inc.
"This course has been very beneficial. It has made me a better leader not only in business but in life as well. I learned how to delegate tasks and responsibilities that will develop and train my team-members. I have learned how to apply decision making techniques to reach sound decisions when trying to solve problems. I learned the importance of coaching to improve performance. The five drivers for success were also very important as they will resonate through-out my career."
Ryan Coote
Development Director
MS Society
"We are faced with many challenging obstacles on a day to day basis. We as employees, become so involved in our worth that it may feel as our diligent efforts go unnoticed by employers. By using Dale Carnegie principles "begin with praise and honest appreciation" we are more likely to have a better working relationship and productivity. I have started implementing this principle more with our support staff. They work around the close to make sure our dealers have the support they need. I have taken time to say thank you. By showing our appreciation and thanks for what they do, it really makes them feel appreciated and shows they’re an integral part of our business."
Harvey Beckwith
Southeast Toyota Distributors
"I learned at Dale Carnegie how important team work is. We learn to respect each other’s job and every job is important. The course has brought the farm and the shop managing personnel together where we all learn how the performance at the farm affects the performance at the shop and vice versa. When the farm personnel use the shop equipment appropriately and efficiently, the work will be done with less time thus saving our company in wages, fuel and repair costs to the equipment. For example, a few weeks ago, one of the farms requested to use the tractors do some work. As they always did in the past, the requested 10 tractors. I started applying what I learned in the course about communicating and team work. By asking questions and learning more about the scope of the work, I found out that the work could be done by using only four tractors. So in the future, we know that instead of 10 tractors, four tractors are enough to do that work at the farm. I have estimated that in the last two months I have saved $200,000 is repair budget by applying the methods I learned in the course."
Alejando Acosta
Florida Crystals Corporation

"Thank you for the tremendous experience I had during the Dale Carnegie program that I completed recently. This course has made a huge impact in my communication skills in both my personal and professional lives. Being a businessman with over 25 years experience, I have always felt confident in my abilities to coach and motivate employees. With the knowledge I have gathered from Dale Carnegie these abilities will be take to the next level."
Bill Ihnken
President of Retail/COO
Tire Kingdom
"It is amazing how a course like this can change the way of thinking and behavior of people. In my case, this course taught me by simple applying some of the principles that I learned in the class I can improve and benefit myself and this company for years to come. Last week when I met with Perini staff and talked about logistics plan for the Ravallo project I felt that my communications skills have improved tremendously, it was easier for me to sell my ideas and of course that is thanks to the principles and techniques learned in the course. This is one of many occasions that I felt the impact of the course in my communication skills."
Joe Torres
Gen. Superintendent
Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.

"Thanks to you and your team for creating not only an easy learning environment, but one that was fun as well! Attending class was something I always looked forward to knowing that I would be learning techniques, and new ways to build and maintain my confidence level in a great environment."
Sean Hackner
Freedom Steel
"In my quest to become a better person and inspiring leader, I have yet to experience anything as valuable and powerful as the training I received during the twelve weeks of Dale Carnegie. The course has given me a roadmap to achieving my visions. Professionally the information has allowed me to reach new levels in human relations with customers as well as employees. My self-confidence has increased immeasurably. I attribute my strength as an effective and inspiring leader to the principals I have learned. Thank you for a life changing experience."
Joe Sparacino
Audi Pembroke Pines
"The benefits of this course will improve my personal skills including a better understanding of how to deal with stress. I also feel I am better equipped to deal with problems and resolve them in a quicker and more efficient manner. I know my company will benefit from the confidence I have gained through this course which will help me to deal more effectively with customers and my staff."
Chris Tomaszewski
UMT Marine International
"Thank you for enrolling me in the Dale Carnegie Course. Your investment in me shows the trust, confidence and belief you have in my abilities. The benefits that I (we) have received by participating are numerous. I have developed more confidence in myself and can now promote confidence in my coworkers by building them up. I have strengthened my people skills by becoming a friendlier person and by building personal and professional relationships. I have enhanced my communication skills and developed the ability to think on my feet. I have developed leadership skills and the ability to motivate and inspire my coworkers to higher levels of performance. I have become more flexible in dealing with people and situations. I have become more enthusiastic about me, my job, my life and all of the people in it."
Michael Fitzgerald
Hill York Air Conditioning



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